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We are we manufacturers and suppliers of Flexible Insulation covers in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Our flexible insulation covers are designed to be easily removed and reinstalled with minimum effort! Our flange and valve insulation covers are designed to save on heating costs and provide frost protection but they also provide burn protection.

Our valve and flange insulation covers are made from a wide range of materials for use on a varied range of temperatures and applications.We only use materials manufactured to British standards as recommended by our suppliers.
As fuel costs are rising we are wasting more and more on our heating costs, why let it escalate? (speculate to accumulate)

An initial investment to insulate will reap rewards!
Typical savings -
Size for size an un-insulated valve will lose the equivalent of a metre of un-insulated pipe!
Examples of estimated payback periods-
Hot water 80C 1.7 years
Steam 150C 0.6 years
Dont waste any more time or money, Invest today!
We provide survey, quotation, manufacture and installation or delivery across the UK dependent on customer requirements.
Why Insulate:-
To help maintain process temperatures
To protect personnel from burns
To prevent condensation forming
To protect against Frost
To provide Fire protection
And most of all :-
The Environment
High standards of insulation lead directly to the reduction of green-house gases. The overall achievement of better U Values through the increased use of insulation products would result in less fossil fuels being burned to keep buildings warm!
Contact Flexible Insulation Covers Ltd today on 07738 681178 or 01476 570634 to discuss your valve and flange insulation cover needs. 

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